Words for the Soul~October 8~Lost

Nothing is lost, it’s just where it doesn’t belong

Sometimes success can come when you miss your mark …by 10,000 miles!
On this day in the U.S. when the life of Christopher Columbus is celebrated, it is important for me to remember:

1.) his first proposal was rejected

2.) he sailed a long time before he saw anything

3.) he missed his target by 10,000 miles but still made an impact

On this day in 1492, one of the sailors on the Pinta sighted land, an island in the Bahamas, after 10 weeks of sailing from Palos, Spain, with the Santa María, the Pinta, and the Niña. Columbus thought he had reached East Asia. When he sighted Cuba, he thought it was China, and when the expedition landed on Hispaniola, he thought it might be Japan. Legend has it that only Columbus believed the earth was round, but that’s not true; most educated Europeans at the time knew the earth wasn’t flat. However, the Ottoman Empire had cut off land and sea routes to the islands of Asia. Columbus became obsessed with finding a western sea route, but he miscalculated the world’s size, and he didn’t know the Pacific Ocean existed. He called his plan the “Enterprise of the Indies.”
He pitched it first to King John II of
Portugal, who rejected it, and then to the Spanish King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. They also turned him down, twice, before they conquered the Moorish kingdom of Granada in January 1492 and had some treasure to spare. ~Garrison Keillor

nothing is lost

Have you ever thought you were lost…but you really weren’t?
Would love to hear from you on this promising Columbus Day!


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  1. wonderful…we need to challenge our ‘success’ paradigm!

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