This Weekend~Do The Dishes

This Weekend, an easy weekend activity:
Do The Dishes as an act of Grace and suds!

Woman washing up plate at sink, close-up

As difficult as dirty dishes can be, they’re even worse when you let them sit for a while. And the longer they sit, the harder they are to clean. This is  true in life too. Something that is potentially easy to clean up right after it happens (an unkind word to your spouse, a lie to your best friend, an insensitivity to another) can become a difficult mess if you don’t deal with it now. Do the dishes today. ~Source unknown


I choose the things I say and do carefully as to not cause harm to other
people while still trying to be true to myself. I am at this place now…learning
to speak my heart truthfully knowing that those around me appreciate honesty
more than they want their ego to remain intact. ~Aleathia Drehmer

patience and fortitude sponge

Just love to read your comments!

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2 Responses

  1. I came back tonight and reread this post. Read it earlier in the day and really like the image and the words. Reminds me a little of Brother Lawrence and how he prayerfully washed dishes. Or Ann’s 1000 gifts chapter and the soap bubbles. Yes I will ponder this doing dishes this weekend – which are piled up in the sink right now. How did you know? LOL

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