Mid-week Question: Failure Possibilities

failure in the face

After awhile the practice of staying in preexisting conditions twists into a type of emotional suffocation.

This week there are two questions (double trouble or double pondering, you decide). I read these at the Scoutie Girl blog by Tara Gentile.

What are you doing that risks the possibility of failure?
What helps you look failure in the face and move forward with new hope?

Read more at Tara’s post by gently clicking here

And, a timely reminder from Rick Warren: God blesses His plans, not ours separate from Him.


Other Questions to Consider


One Response

  1. Hello Because of Grace. So glad the article on Scoutie Girl resonated with you. The words were actually written by me (Tara Gentile is the “owner” of the blog, but we “Scoutie Girls” write much of the content.) AND ACTUALLY, I got the idea for this article from the Meal from Below spiritual formation series… geographyofgrace.com/ws/street-psalms-press/spiritual-formation.php. It is a tremendously fresh, deep, and thought-provoking series of living life humbly and inviting Jesus into our world no matter how scary that might be. Take a look. – Thanks – Megan Evans

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