Monday Words for the Soul~March 11~the bumble bee

a bumblebee flies into my apartment
it didn’t mean to be there
–it panics
and seeing the outside through a glass window
it proceeds to push and push against the glass
trying to get where it wants to go

in its panic never moving from its task long enough
to see the open window just inches away

how like the bumble bee I am in my work or my life

i see where i want to go

and in my panic

i forget to look for the open window

so i push and push and push
thinking i should be rewarded for all this hard work
when, in fact, i am so frantic
like the bee against the glass.

by Marybeth Fidler

RozArt bumblebee

artwork from RozArt

Bumblebee poem first seen in the book Life is a Verb by Patti Digh


4 Responses

  1. The poem and the artwork are just beautiful!!! I have the book on my wish list now and the art link set as a favorite! Thanks!

  2. […] thinking today about Monday’s posted poem by Marybeth Fidler and the bumble bee and how it panics when the glass prevents it from flying […]

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