Monday Words for the Soul~March 25~Social Synapse

If you take a group of people and look at those who live longer and do better and are healthier, you’re going to find that these are the ones that
*1.) engage in positive relationships,
2.) volunteer
3.) that have pets that they touch and hug,
4.) and who have people around them who support them.
They’ll also be the people who have
5.) a positive social role, because that need to contribute never goes away.
I think that one of the biggest problems with aging is that people’s roles are removed, which is essentially the kiss of death.
~Louis Cozolino in this post Life on the Edge of the Social Synapse

*(I added the numbers because the order of numbers comforts me)

Louis Cozolino is a psychologist and psychology professor at Pepperdine University. His 2006 book, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, focuses on how attachment relationships work to shape the human brain.


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