Midweek Question of the Week~March 27~Authentic Lack

The question Jesus asked so long ago is also a question for us

Luke 22:35

And a quote from a gratitude post on We Love Gratitude:

We and life are spectacularly complex.  Often we do not get our way, which I hate, hate, hate.  But in my saner moments I remember that if we did, usually we would shortchange ourselves.  Sometimes circumstances conspire to remind us or even let us glimpse how thin the membrane is between here and there, between birth and the grave, between the human and the divine.  In wonder at the occasional direct experience of this, we say, Thank You. ~ Anne Lamont, Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers

Jesus’ question to His apostles follows His prediction that Peter would betray Him. I wonder, are my similar betrayals of Christ born out of a feeling of lack or emptiness? Might I instead (re)turn to thanks and gratitude ?


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  1. love this Helen

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