Mid-week Question of the Week~What if it’s Not?

Ask yourself “WHAT IF?” as often as you can. And sometimes, when you are making plans and making goals and dreaming dreams and all of it seems too big and unattainable, turn things around…

ask yourself …

what if it's not

“what if… it’s not?”

If you’re going over something scary in your mind, over and over and over, ask yourself “what if that really did happen?” and then let the whole situation play out — worse case scenario. See yourself dealing with every little part of it and see that even if the thing you feared most really did happen, you would make it, so you can let go of fear.

Asking “WHAT IF?” releases all limitations, and makes anything possible. When you find yourself stuck, whether because you think your goals are too big, or because your strength is too small, push past those limitations and really be honest with yourself. You will learn so much from this tiny little question.
“what if… it’s not?” from Brave Girls Club

Because of Grace…what if it’s not?


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