Mid-week Question~June 5~Dualities

Is it Positive or is it Negative?
Consider Dualities


8 Responses

  1. Great post! I believe that we are born into this world knowing the truth of our being: that of Love, Power, Creativity, Strength, Self Love, Confidence and so on!

    Yet, as we experience life on this physical plane, it appears that we are taught sometimes, to believe in duality: that we are separate from our truth or even separate from the Love that IS God!

    And so it is (for me) that the journey back to the truth is such a beautiful gift. To discover that we are (I AM) all of those wonderful attributes – expressing as God intends…with Love, Power, Strength, etc! Woo Hoo!

    • You have such a thorough method of explaining complex topics, Jacqui! I saw your replay yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since. Perhaps reminders such as this chart will help us all return to our created best!

      • Thanks, Helen! I’m glad you feel that way. My sister often says I get a little bit to “wordy”. :-) I however, also appreciate clarity… it makes those concepts make sense in MY mind as well! :-)

      • your words are instructive to me, Jacqui! So is this chart because it is a linear way for me to focus on what will nourish my spirit. Thank you!

  2. This would make a wonderful poster to have visible in so many places! It would be great for vocabulary in many classes…and an effective reminder just to have at home for a daily reminder!

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