Mid-Week Question~June 12~your canvas

What is your canvas?

Summer has begun and many are applying the paint of moves, new jobs, new marriages, new adventures, and new hopes to the canvas of possibility and grace.

What is your canvas? What is your medium?
I am memorized by Artist Flora Bowley, as she creates…from blank canvas to vibrant work of art. I see confidence, joy, freedom, creativity, abundance, immersion and…and…and…!!!

Flora Bowley * Brave Intuitive Painting from Zipporah on Vimeo.



‘let go. be bold. unfold…’ * braveintuitiveyou.com
‘Brave Intuitive Painting’ by Flora Bowley * amazon.com/Brave-Intuitive-Painting-Let-Bold-Unfold/dp/1592537685
camera & edit:
* Zipporah * thememoryjars.com
‘Crusade’ by Kyrstyn Pixton * kyrstynpixton.com
this video originally seen on Kind Over Matter

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