This weekend~creating enjoyment~June 28

This weekend…make the best enjoy the best of it…even advice to “make the best of it” or “grit your teeth and get through it” focuses on the negative and unpleasant.

Perhaps another way…Choose joy over frustration…it can be done! The Philadelphia Orchestra made the best of things while delayed on the Tarmac in Beijing. What can be more stressful than a cramped airplane cabin? Just watch…


There is an importance of honoring every ordinary moment.

When that anticipated moment arrives, I will be there with it. I will allow myself to feel it fully and move through it as I need to. It’s all part of this experience of being human I suppose. ~Alia Indrawan


Additional weekend activity suggestions


One Response

  1. Great advice :) And great video! That music must’ve sounded really good, right about then ❤

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