Mid-week Question of the Week~July 3~How?

How Can I “Be Still and Know”?

How can I "Be Still and Know"?

When there are times that you can’t avoid or combat or hide anymore…

Because of Grace, He is there.

In the stillness. And the quiet.

In the path that is tread seventy times seven.

But, how can we be still?

How can I get to “still”?

What are some ways you get still? How do you make the stillness happen?

Would you share in the Comments here?


3 Responses

  1. Stillness seems to happen similarly to falling asleep… All of a sudden, you just feel the calm ❤

    • Thank you for your insight…it still remains elusive to me…your comment reminds me of an early yoga class I attended. The teacher was guiding us to breathe and relax and I kept repeating the words “breathe” and “relax” almost like a drill sergeant…needless to say, my stillness remain “at large” that day! Thanks again for giving me an insight into the gift of stillness.

      • Stillness is God’s gift, that’s for sure! I’ve sometimes also sensed calmness upon repeating the name “Jesus” over and over… seems too simple, but surprisingly effective ❤

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