Monday Words for the Soul~August 12

let God's forgiveness in

I’ve been having some push back with the concept of “forgiving myself.” It felt oddly out of order and slightly arrogant. You see, I think only God has the power to forgive me. Surely I can forgive others and I should do this before resentment sets in… but for my sins, it is only in God’s power to forgive.

“The Bible says that when God forgives us, He ‘remembers our sins no more'” (Jeremiah 31:34).              ~S. Michael Houdmann

If I do not accept God’s forgiveness, have I put myself in God’s position? Have I chosen to wallow in my guilt and shame instead of accept His gift of forgiveness?

“It seems such good advice doesn’t it, ‘You just have to forgive yourself and move on, have a fresh start’.
Who says it is up to us to do this anyway? Never once can it be found in scripture that this is ours to do, yet it is a persistent belief. It is God’s right to say how we have messed up, he is the one who is the perfect standard and measures us by himself, only he knows just how much we miss that standard.
If he is willing to see that Jesus paid for our selfishness, meanness, laziness, etc. and consequently to declare us absolutely not guilty, it seems arrogant to say ‘that isn’t good enough’ and to believe only forgiving ourselves will satisfy and set us free.” ~Hazel Flood in this post


Since I love the sentiment expressed in the picture above, perhaps my semantic self will replace “forgive yourself” with “Accept God’s forgiveness.”

Always in receipt of His grace …

One Response

  1. I agree, dear friend…accepting the forgiveness that is already there. As I said to my father recently; Dad, I forgive you absolutely and unconditionally…but more than this…I forgive myself. And I pray that you accept this fully and apply it to your life as well. It’s so much easier to give than receive sometimes, yet…So freeing when we allow ourselves to do both!

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