Monday Words for The Soul~February 3

Sitting by my mom’s hospital bed and reading about the kindness of strangers–each to each other, in Atlanta- SnowedOutAtlanta.

“Where am I needed? Can make it just about anywhere?” ~Graham Lutz

We are community and we are better together

“I’m near Little Five Points. .. gassed up and ready. Who needs help?” ~Payten Readfern

Read more here

and here, where, because of grace, others received help in Alabama.

Do you  know about Mark Meadows? Mark Meadows is a hero.

Might it perhaps be the right time to stock your car with some Blessing Bags?


2 Responses

  1. On the surface, such difficulties caused by a couple inches of snow is a bit of a chuckle for those of us who measure our white stuff by the foot. But the truth is that we are geared for it and the southern states are not. It warms my heart to hear how the frozen snow could cover everything except human kindness! :) ❤

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