Midweek Question: What is your Focus?

For the last several months, I’ve focused on being attentive and grateful. My focus word was “Savor.” I wanted to Savor my blessings, my silent, quiet moments, my new courses, textbooks, colleagues, learning partners, professors, parents, and even the mistakes I had made in my life, because these led me to the point of Savor.

What is your focus?

It is time for me to refocus my focus. With the extended hospitalization of my mom I have had to get up-to-speed on medical terms, new faces, new professionals, new opinions, new treatment vocabulary, new healthcare guidelines, and so much more.

My New Focus Word is Gather.

I have begun to Gather my energy. Gather my supplies. Most importantly, I Gather my faith.

God is bigger than any diagnosed medical challenge. But if I am holding tightly to my perceptions, my watchdog advocacy, my intention to “be on it,” then where can He squeeze in? I learned this from my new prayer warrior friend, Rachel, who I met at the new Rehab hospital for mom. Rachel also quietly brings dinner to me now. Dinner is a great concept.

The Learning Curve for me is steep. But over the weekend I spent my first night back at home since January 20. I am in Gather mode. I’m gathering my team. My team includes the doctors, nurses, aides, companions, PT/OT/ST professionals, the insurance reps, the government workers at Medicare, my friends, and most importantly, my prayer warriors.

What is your Gather Mode? What are you Gathering?

Might you also join my Gather team?



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Photo by Anne McCrary

5 Responses

  1. Helen, I like the word ‘Gather’ and your use of it. I want the Lord to gather me into His arms like the mother hen analogy. I often think He gathers me into the palm of His hand. What could possibly hurt me then?

  2. oh Helen, dear sweet Siss … this is lovely. Luv your focus words, and how you’ve characterized “gather”….when we gather: physical & emotional – tools & resources, friends, family, and when we allow ourselves to be gathered by our loving Father…into His loving, wise, discerning arms … nothing is better than this! My best to you, Luv, Hugs & Prayers ~ Anne

  3. I thank God as he Gathers our prayers and gives us answers to our thoughts and Circumstances. Some People gather sticks and stones and others gather honey and kick the bee hive. Helen, stay strong, Keep the Faith and God has you and your family in his hands.This I know for sure. I am also trying to Gather on his Strength and Gather his answers to my prayers. P.S. I have not had any luck on gathering the money I want, so I am sticking to his provisions.Love ya, Rach.

  4. The things/people/experiences we gather will prepare us for change… Change can be difficult, but your write-up is comforting. Take Care and hope your mom is feeling well. ❤

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