This weekend~Save a grocery list

In times of “words per minute” and micro-everything, a grocery list is one of the few things we actually write … with penmanship…or scribble squiggles. Just go with this for a second: your grocery list reflects both your wants and your needs. There is probably something on your list that you intend for another and a special item just for you…(some call these guilty pleasures, but perhaps a better word is taste-filled pleasures).


palest ink quote

Grocery lists are special to me. I have one framed to remind me of the power of a prayerfully crafted list. Several years ago…money was extremely tight and I had pared down my grocery list “the the nubs” as Granny T. would say. After arriving home and unloading the groceries, I checked my mail and I found a utility bill containing a statement with a credit balance (due to an energy efficiency rebate). The amount was almost equal to what I had just spent at the grocery. A huge relief! And a prayerful reminder of Proverbs 10:22.

So, this weekend, smooth out a crumpled grocery list, pray gratitude over it, and perhaps, consider a frame of remembrance!

my soul's grocery list



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Midweek Question~May 28~Who Irritates you?

Who Irritates you?

Quick, whose face popped into your mind? Whose face did you see?

This is your Sandpaper Person. The person who goes against your grain and leave abrasions behind.

And the person who needs your prayer.

My friend Carl reminds me to pray for the Sandpaper people in my life. Not the “Lord, help ______ not to be such a pain.”

No, not that kind of prayer.

Instead, a genuinely authentic prayer for their health, safety, and journey to know Him more. Because of Grace.

God’s Word Always Trumps Our Excuses


Positive Prayer Makes Strong Relationships

Because, sometimes, the Sandpaper Person is…me!

sandpaper people


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a Poetic iSpy~May 27

So Much of the World

by Gregory Djanikian

So much of the world exists
without us

the mountain in its own steepness

the deer sliding
into the trees becoming
a darkness
in the woods’ darkness.

So much of an open field
lies somewhere between the grass
and the dragonfly’s drive and thrum

the seed and seedling,
the earth within.

But so much of it lies in someone
standing alone at the edge of a field
with a life apart

feeling for a moment
the plover’s cry
on the tongue

the curve and plumb
of the apple bough
in limb and bone.

So much of it between
one thing and another,

days of invitation,
then of release and return.

“So Much of the World” by Gregory Djanikian

This Weekend~7 seconds that could change your life!

This weekend….WhoHoo like a boss!!!
Kick up a little exhuberance…these seven seconds are pure joy!




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Midweek question~May 21~Population Growth

My Own Little World by Matthew West – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO from Matthew West on Vimeo.


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Monday words for the Soul~May 19

Life is an adventure in forgiveness. ~Norman Cousins

indiana jones

Forgiveness is not boring; it can be the most courageous adventure we undertake.
Because we have to abandon our expectation of receiving.
We have to abandon our expectation of receiving an apology we were never going to get.

It might be easier to follow Indiana Jones. But not as endearingly satisfying.

And it won’t salve the wound.

Only grace can salve the wound and accompany us on the adventure.

Forgiveness is an adventure.


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a word from The Sponsor~May 18

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. ~Hebrews 10:24



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a word from The Sponsor~May 18

Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come, the cooing of doves is heard in our land. ~Song of Solomon 2:12











~~~ Thanks to Richard for posting this verse
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Monday Words for the Soul~May 12~Hug More

a little post Mother’s Day laugh


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Happiest Mother’s Day

Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her ~Proverbs 31:28

lovely artwork by Lori Portka


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When Happy Mother’s Day Isn’t

When Mother’s Day is not how you thought it would be…

That first Mother’s Day spent without your own mom is tough. The first Mother’s Day spent without your adult child, your young child, your baby child, or your unborn child is brutal. And if you can just get through the first Mother’s Day, then all the ones after that will be…

Bruisingly tough.

Angie Smith is one of my heroes. In 2008, Angie Smith and her husband Todd (lead singer of the group Selah) learned through ultrasound that their fourth daughter had conditions making her “incompatible with life.” Advised to terminate the pregnancy, the Smiths chose instead to carry this child and allow room for a miracle. That miracle came the day they met Audrey Caroline and got the chance to love her for the precious two-and-a-half hours she lived on earth. In her blog, Bring the Rain, Angie writes achingly and with hope and faith.

Sometimes I think it’s harder to believe the way I do, because I believe with everything in me that He could have changed the story. This line of thinking inevitably brings me to the question, “Why didn’t He?” Many people have written me with the same question, and I want to tell you that I have thought it through many times, and I have come up with a great theological explanation that I want to share with you.

I have absolutely no idea.

What I do know is this:

The Lord walk beside me and He walked beside Moses, and He knows me by name. He loves me, and I love Him. I pushed my baby through the reeds, and never saw her again. And yet, here I am, worshipping the God who allowed it.

Angie is the author of I Will Carry YouI Will Carry You tells the powerful story of a parent losing her child, interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus to help those who mourn to still have hope—to find grace and peace in the sacred dance of grief and joy.

[originally posted on May 6, 2011]

This Weekend~May 9~Finding Your Anchor in Grace/Because of Grace

This Weekend…May you find your anchor on the beach Because of Grace

May you find opportunities to be “Lavish in love, extravagant in truth, big spenders of grace.”*



Song: “Alone” by Trampled by Turtles

*Quote by Ann Voskamp

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Midweek Question~May 8~How Can I Help?

How Can I Help? a little book published by Chris Shea and Harvest House

Just in the previous year, I’ve joined a club with so many of my friends. Together we have encountered dark nights of the soul that have continued into weeks and months and years. We’ve have experienced deployments, severe illnesses, surgeries, job setbacks, sudden moves, and the final passing of one or both parents.

How Can I Help?It is difficult to know what to say to help and give comfort during these times. Chris Shea’s offers a way in her book, How Can I Help? Chris puts the emphasis on healing and the grace of God’s care.

How Can I Help? is a little volume that captures our willingness to do absolutely anything to alleviate the pain of another. Through a series of illustrated intentions… (“I could get you a little, red sweater with pretty yellow buttons so you can feel warmer when the world seems cold”) Chris Shea gives voice to our willingness to be there for another.


Chris’ gift of expression and illustration is quite accurately, as she describes in the pages of How Can I Help?, “a Band-aid made in heaven.”



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a word from The Sponsor~May 4

“He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young. ~Isaiah 40:11


Isaiah 40:11














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This Weekend~May 2~Confront

Confront the dark parts of yourself. … Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. ~August Wilson

…it is ok on the other side of the confrontation…Grace is there.
all of our flaws…He is there to embrace them and fill the void of our soul…


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