Midweek Question~May 28~Who Irritates you?

Who Irritates you?

Quick, whose face popped into your mind? Whose face did you see?

This is your Sandpaper Person. The person who goes against your grain and leave abrasions behind.

And the person who needs your prayer.

My friend Carl reminds me to pray for the Sandpaper people in my life. Not the “Lord, help ______ not to be such a pain.”

No, not that kind of prayer.

Instead, a genuinely authentic prayer for their health, safety, and journey to know Him more. Because of Grace.

God’s Word Always Trumps Our Excuses


Positive Prayer Makes Strong Relationships

Because, sometimes, the Sandpaper Person is…me!

sandpaper people


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  1. HA! … ’tis truth sure ‘nuf :) ❤ <3

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