Mid-Week Question: December 17

After a short hiatus, due to my sojourn in the land of statistics which gave me too many questions to ponder and resolve, my “mid-week question” returns!

Today’s question:

How good are you at asking for help?

Out of 20 questions describe in a post on emotional intelligence interview questions, this question (interestingly labeled #13) stood out to me.

whatifWhy is it difficult to ask for help? Perhaps it is fear of rejection from those we ask. Perhaps, it is the rise of the “What If” gremlin:

  • What if they say “no” to me?
  • What if they ignore me?
  • What if they see me as a waste of time?**

Asking questions, questions of help, is a venue to invite people into your moment. Into your present moment. Of course, timing and courtesy are paramount (I would not ask a librarian during story hour to stop reading and point me to the Tolstoy section.)

But rising past my ego and self-involvement points the awareness on the collective process of help. (hint, hint: my ego often tells me that I have to do everything myself, or if I want it done correctly, I need to do it myself….bad juju from my ego in these statements to myself.)

Of course some answers are “no” but as my wise friend, V., says “if you don’t ask, the answer already is ‘no’.”

 “We’re all imperfect and we all have needs. The weak usually do not ask for help, so they stay weak. If we recognize that we are imperfect, we will ask for help and we will pray for the guidance necessary to bring positive results to whatever we are doing.” ~John Wooden


Previous weekly questions

I learned from these sources:

* Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

**How to Ask For Help From People You Respect

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