Midweek Question ~ July 29 ~ What to Pack

What do you pack when you’re going to change your life?



Take special care to pack everything well… ~Numbers 4:18

She must have been listening all these years. When I would tell her she was chosen, born from love, and Beloved of God. When I attempted to explain that Because of Grace she could do anything, she must have quietly agreed. When I whispered over her sleeping head every night, “you will do great things for Jesus” she must have registered it in REM sleep. She’s studied, graduated, apprenticed, and taught middle school for the passed four years. She encouraged, traveled with, and showed love to over 320 kids.

She has more energy than I do.

She rises early this summer. She chooses and folds and packs. She wraps and tapes and positions her things. She calls and makes appointments. We fight over the necessity of medical visits and last trips to the dentist before the school district insurance expires. She assents to my motherly advice and prevention wins.

In the posts of this blog, I’ve wondered how to mark the milestones in her life. I’ve wondered what to say and why I never look like the Eileen Fisher models in a Hallmark movie set when I dispense my cornbread nuggets of slapstick wisdom.

My parents were wise. I merely echo the parts of conversation I can remember from them. My friend, T.B. reminds me that when I was my daughter’s age I thought I would live forever and the forever was a long, long time. When I was my daughter’s age, I was married and just getting to know a one-year-old her.

Take special care to pack everything well … Aaron and his sons can direct each person’s role and their transportation of the items. ~Numbers 4:18

My role is different now. I pause. I ask questions. I marvel at her checklist and her confirmation calls to movers and landlords and utility companies. It must be summer allergies, I tell her of my watering eyes. I hold a little too long perhaps during a hug. Our road trip to her new home begins tomorrow.

I am not sure what to pack for this part of the journey. I have more questions than answers.



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