Monday Event for the Soul: IF:Pray Tonight at 8:00pm est


What could happen if we came, all together, before God, to pray?

If:Pray #IFLEAD2015 is an authentic and community-driven movement to pray with one voice at the time in your timezone that matches 8:00pm Eastern time.

“We’re going to come together with our people, in our places, and we are going to pray- as a generation of women. Let’s humble ourselves and ask God to open our eyes to the places that He wants us to rebuild. We are going to beg Him to use it for His glory. Because like with Nehemiah, we believe that we can be a part of rebuilding all that is broken in this world.” from the  If:Pray website

Here is a map of existing IF:Pray gatherings. (Check it out) to see if there is one near you.
Also, an IF:Pray livestream on September 14 starting at 8:00 PM Eastern from the IF:Local Leader Gathering in Orlando, Florida is intended and available for women who are not close to an IF:Pray gathering or are with a handful of friends and want to be lead in prayer. To participate in the livestream, visit on the night of the 14th. IF:Pray Livestream begins at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Sign up to get a reminder to tune into the livestream.




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