A gratitude list on this day

Very Grateful for

God’s Angels

Amelia, driving so well in the dark early morning rain

this delicately beautiful song that I play over and over: https://youtu.be/teSuDu84kMc

the man who greeted us curbside, checked my bag for me, and, after we talked briefly said, “your mom is having the best birthday ever today.”

the woman next to me at the security checkpoint who grabbed my boarding pass as it attempted to sail away from the gust of wind dispatched by my frenzied thrump of stuff into plastic bins

Amelia, calling and calling back to check that I boarded all right

the man in the aisle seat who lifted my computer bag into the overhead

the man in front of me who has graciously not reclined his seat

the man next to me who picked up my spoon when I dropped it

the woman behind me who picked up my apple when it fell behind me

the tears that come and go unpredictably, so I won’t think there is a magic potion I can impose upon them to control them

I am a mess today, and gratitude is my service dog

remembering my mom, on our first birthday apart- she in heaven and me in seat 13F

“Because every gift I acknowledge reveals another and another until, finally, even the most normal, obvious and seemingly mundane event or encounter proves to be filled with grace.” ~Henri Nouwen



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