What to do with the (extra) last second of 2016

You have probably heard that we get an extra second in 2016. As the old year closes, we literally receive a celestial “cash back” of one extra second. The folks who earned A’s in science explain it so much better than I can. I prefer to jump passed the “Why” and straight to the “How”

How am I going to spend my last (extra) second of 2016? What about you- how are you going to spend your last (extra) second?

You may think that one, puny little second is no big deal and certainly not worthy of an intentional act because it is so small. Well, little burrs in my carpet deposited by my dog are certainly small but they pack a wallop on my bare feet!

Here is a great site, listing, in real time, what happens in one second on the Internet: http://onesecond.designly.com/
One Second on the Internet



This site is fascinating to see the sheer activity of people online!

Quora takes an inward view of how to spend one second: https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-useful-things-that-can-be-done-in-one-second

When all is said and read: it takes just one second to say “thank you.” As 2016 winds to a close what better way to say farewell, than with a whisper or a shout of “thank you.”  And if  you are reading this post after New Year’s Eve, you can redeem your extra second right now:
thank you with heart
And Happy New Year 2017!

2 Responses

  1. And a Happy New Year to You! And…here’s my one second…Thank You!😀⏰😇

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