Keep your high beams on!

Summer roadways provide a challenge for drivers… from heat, traffic, and road construction to lonely stretches without an exit or cell phone service.

In Texas, there are extra challenges of dusty wind, big spider varmints, and wildlife such as deer who wander out on the twilight roads and cause havoc if hit. 

To see better, we have to turn on the high beam lights. We turn on the high beams…  and


High Beams on

We can see everything… the shadows of some things, (trees, fences, curves in the road) provide direction. 

In Texas, the high beams make the road look like Wild Kingdom! 

GEICO High Beams

In Colorado, the high beams make the road look like Donner Pass! 


We can see everything… and everything can see us… 

Many are drawn to our spiritual lights. Our highbeams show the way of the road and our location on the road. 

Folks may see our high beams and feel comfort that another is on the same road. They may ask for help or borrow our light to better see their way. 


The Lesson? In our spiritual walk…

Keep Your High Beams on!

GEICO High Beams



… and, please, stay safe, Because of Grace! 




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