I have a favorite cartoon on my fridge. It shows Noah’s Ark sailing away and a hippo on a rock looking after the ark and saying, “Oh, No. That was TODAY?!”

Kinda sums up my life.

I was the youngest child prone to kicking the ankles of anyone who didn’t like my dad’s sermons. (still will ) My dad never got mad at me for doing this: he called it “debating with sole.”  (hardee-har-har)

After a while, life started kicking back. And there was “Pain.” The Pain of What Was, What Was Supposta Be, and What Never Will Be. Pain kicked the stuffing out of me. For Awhile.

But God…

But God is gracious and loving and good and God is safe to trust. Always. Because of Grace

What is Grace?

“Grace” is God’s love.  It is God’s free gift of His love.  Grace is love that has no conditions because if there was any condition – I would not be able to receive the gift!  Grace is given because God loved us first.  I cannot brag that I turned to God first or that I became ‘good enough’ to receive His love.   God gave His love to me thousands of years before I was born. From the moment that Eve and Adam chose themselves before God, God chose to save me and everyone before me and everyone who comes after me.  God’s love does not divide and become less with each child but instead multiplies to give the full measure of His love to each of His children. ~Jody Neufeld

Lots of the things I read seem to address healing after the precipating event or illness has passed. My goal here is to address healing while in the midst of “it”.  And your “it” is just as big and painful as mine. “It” may be disease, disaster, divorce, death, separation, addiction, unemployment, abuse…pain.

Your “it” is as big and able to be healed as my “it”. And maybe…Maybe… Maybe it’s OK to tell you the truth, to drop the facade, and let you peek into my life a little bit

Maybe something here in this blog helps you to remember that painful things are not the final things.*
As a  friend once told me, “Don’t quit until your miracle happens.”

Ann Voskamp writes, “Grace Comes to Those Who Wait. The Waiting Itself is Grace”
So I wait. And while I am waiting, here I am and here this blog is… Because of Grace.

Enjoy. And please share back!

The Story of My Life

10 Responses

  1. Despite unrelenting and obvious pain, you write with beauty and grace. I hope “suppostas” begin listening instead of directing.

  2. My goal for many years has been to learn to be in the healing process as soon as anything painful or disastrous started happening. The book, THE VEIN OF GOLD by Julia Cameron really helped my get in gear with that. Now when terrible life things smack me in the face, I don’t feel defenseless for very long! My WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) has also toughened me up, too! The best news is that taking good care of ourselves during rough times includes (for me, at least) quotation therapy, going to the movies, journaling, being with friends, hanging around amazing blogs like this, doing some artwork, etc. — very effective ways to be strong!

  3. My name in hebrew is ewe lamb(young female sheep). Yes, I am a little lamb. My pain and life changing events are learning lessons. I have learned to focus on the teacher Jesus (the shepherd) and I know he has two sheep dogs named Grace and Mercy. The Amazingness of Grace is like being struck by lightning. The lightning is grace because it just happens in the storm. Mercy bandages the wounds and Grace covers the cost. Mercy closes the door to hell and Grace opens the door to heaven. I have learned we do not just receive Gods wisdom but we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us. So, be good to yourself and focus on Jesus. Grace and Mercy are with Him. If you ever need a friend just let me know. I will be there for you.

  4. Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Bloggers Award! Please see simplyjuliana.com for more info!

  5. Thank you for your blog, honesty and willingness to share with others!

  6. Great!

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