Mid-week Question of the Week ~ March



“Thou shalt ever joy at eventide if thou spend the day fruitfully.”
~Thomas à Kempis


What fruitful pursuits are yielding joy for you?

Carla Reading

Photo permission to post granted by Carla Post.




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Mid-week Question of the Week ~ February 27

Reflecting at the end of the 2nd month of 2019…


“Every day in every way we are leaving our mark.”
~Rachael Bermingham


Leaving your mark

How are you leaving your mark? From the granular to the sweeping… every action matters.




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Mid-week Question of the Week ~ January 30

Revisiting a favorite topic at the close of the first month of the year…


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?”
~C.S. Lewis


What has changed for you since the beginning of 2019? 

What has stayed the same?



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Midweek Question: September 28

To what do you need to say goodbye, bid farewell, or put away?


Some things I do are not productive. They start a spiral of inattentiveness, avoidance, inactivity, then guilt-shaming because I have not managed my time.

“Time is our most precious resource. It’s far more important than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time. You only have a certain amount allotted to you in this life. You can’t make time, you can’t borrow time, you can’t save time, you can’t extend time. You can only use it. We all have the same amount of time every week: 168 hours. If you don’t learn to manage your time well, you cannot manage anything else in your life, because your time is your life.” ~Rick Warren

Here are some things as I begin to compose my “Goodbye Girl List”:

I’m saying goodbye to: whining (my own and others). I’m saying goodbye to waiting for a parking place up close. I’m just going to park out in the back-40 and walk it- saves time and adds steps.

It is time for a farewell to: absent-minded email checking, absent-minded snacking, and absent-minding NewsFeed scrolling.

I’m putting away “childish things” such as: catalogs, online sale emails, requests to join clubs, crusades, and games.

That’s the start of my list. What is/are on your Goodbye Girl or Goodbye Guy list?



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Midweek Question ~ March 16

Do I Acknowledge Christ or Adore Him?




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Midweek Question ~ March 9 ~ Did You Notice the Word?

Did you notice the word? Please Take Another look…

Ephesians 5:8

The minister a few Sunday’s ago pointed out that Ephesians 5:8 puts the action emphasis on one specific word.


Live as children of the light.” Some versions translate the action verb to “Walk

Either way.

What is important for me, is what the verse does not say.

The verse does not say, “Scold as children of the light.”


Lecture as children of the light”


Judge as children of the light”

Actually, it is far more challenging for me to Live and Walk. Christ desires the way of Grace to be about more.


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Midweek Question ~ Opening Our Eyes to Grace


What if we used color and photography, images, and art to open our eyes to grace?

Might you consider leaving a comment that recommends the best sites for color, photography, images, and art?




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