Monday Words for the Soul ~ March 14


Proverbs 24:16

Today, I am pausing to consider that “The fear of failure is far more damaging than failure.” Read more at this link




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More Words for the Soul

Monday Words for the Soul ~ December 28

while the memory of Christmas remains…

Give us, O God, the vision, which can see Your love in the world in spite of human failure.

Give us the faith to trust Your goodness in spite of our ignorance and weakness.

Give us the knowledge that we may continue to pray with understanding hearts.

And show us what each one of us can do to set forward the coming of the day of universal peace.

Frank Borman, Apollo 8 space mission, 1968



More Words for the Soul

Monday Words for the Soul ~ December 21~ the very reason the first Christmas happened

“those feelings you’ve been wrestling with are true Christmas feelings? That those very feelings, those excruciating circumstances and pain and lack of love are the very reason the first Christmas happened in the first place? That the fact the brokenness of this world has hit us and hurt us is the very reason God sent his son. Immanuel. God with us.”

~Mundane Faithfulness blog, click here to read more


lighted tree



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Monday Words for the Soul ~ December 21

“Yet as I read the birth stories about Jesus I cannot help but conclude that though the world may be tilted toward the rich and powerful, God is tilted toward the underdog.”  ~Philip Yancey

God is tilted toward the underdog



Thank you to Richard Nesbit, for sharing this quote

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Monday Pledge for the Soul ~ December 14

Usually Monday is a “word” (or two) for the soul.

After you see this video, you will understand why I am calling today, “Monday Pledge for the Soul”!!!

This grace-filled father, Jenabu Williams, is a blessing!! He is teaching and guiding his 6 year-old son!

The Pledge For Every Kid




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Monday Words for The Soul ~ October 26

Acceptance is not about giving up and letting the stress take over, it’s about leaning in to experience the full range of emotions and trusting that we will bounce back ~Brad Waters, Psychology Today





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Monday Words for the Soul ~ October 19

Thinking today about role models such as Tsuneko Sasamoto. Sasamoto is Japan’s first woman photo-journalist who began her career in 1940.  Sasamoto was born in 1914, the daughter of a kimono dealer.

Sasamoto’s photography reflects onsite images from Hiroshima, Antarctica, and topics such as equity, international relations, suffrage, and world-wide old age.

Tsuneko Sasamoto

Here are three jewels of advice from Sasamoto:

1. “It’s essential to remain positive about your life and never give up”

2. “You should never become lazy”

3. “You need to push yourself and stay aware, so you can move forward”


Thank you for these words for the soul Mrs. Sasamoto.



More Words for the Soul


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