thoughts on Philippians 4:13

Today, my graduate student Kortney shared Philippians 4:13 as her “Go-To” Bible verse. In God’s gentle nudging in life, this verse was also an integral part of my day too.

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”

This verse and the book of Philippians also appears to be God’s “Go-To” book and verse for me today too. This morning, our Bible scholar explained that the Apostle/Teacher Paul wrote this verse while in jail. Paul was chained in a crowded, drafty Roman jail cell. The jail did not provide clothes nor food. Paul relied on others for these essentials. 

Although under continuous scrutiny by guards, Paul continued his mission. During one prison term, he even converted one of the Philippian guards (Acts 16:25-40).

Our Bible scholar shared that Philippians was one of the happiest letters that Paul wrote. Despite terrible conditions and the imminent threat of death, Paul exclaimed: “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

Thoughts slammed hard at me as I listened. Despite the foreshadow of death, Paul looked beyond his circumstances. My high school friend, Tracey and I have joked about the crisis cavalcade of 2020 and our 2020 Bingo board (and mine has actually morphed into an alphabetized 2020 Bingo list). 

However, as bad as 2020 has been, for almost all of us, we have been blessed to be at home. Our response to the pandemic has occurred in our homes, far away from drafty Roman jails. We have been at home. 

So, the question for my grad students today is “What one positive thing can you do this week through Christ who strengthens you?” Only a positive action for the upcoming week through Christ who shares His strength. Sometimes folks almost exclusively identify with the negative aspect of circumstances, going all the way back to the manna days.

It is therapeutically advantageous to follow Paul’s lead and hold fast to what is good, which is my own “Go-To” verse.

“What one thing can you do this week through Christ who strengthens you?” 



This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~Bask In It!

cupcake cupcake cupcake

Something good stupendously great happened to you this week.
It was and is the culmination of many, many prayers.

Do you remember?

Our tendency is to want, want, want something, be relieved when we get it, proceed to receive it, and maybe feel grateful, eat a little brownie sundae, dance and smile and laugh…

For awhile

And then we move on…

And we continue on the path. Our path. We “do the next right thing”, “show up and suit out”, “keep moving forward”.

We stay in the moment, until the moment passes.  And we are on to the next push. The next step.

But, this weekend, just for a short while….Bask In IT.

Return and Reclaim that moment when your learned that your miracle happened.

Just for a little moment, Bask in the miracle that happened this week for you.

Stay put.

Stay in the hug of the revelation of it. Stay amazed. Stay as amazed as you were when it happened. Stay in the Christmas morning moment of it. Stay with it. Replay the good of it in a gratitude loop to Him. Relive the sparkle and twinkle. Praise and thank Him all over again.

Too often we replay the bad, the uncomfortable, the fear and doubt.

This weekend, stay in the loop of your latest wonder. The one He gave, Because of Grace.


Hold Fast to the Good. ~1 Thessalonians 5:21

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