Saturday Digest~January 28

~The longer we spend dwelling in doubts, the more powerful that story becomes, and we lose our power to change. ~Belle Pirri in this interview at Purposeful Women. This article also includes Belle’s How to Set Yourself Up to Make Choices You Love

~In all things there is the possibility of learning to trust…love the artwork and the message in this post

~Some who wander on the Internet are not lost, they are nourished! Wandered happily at this website

~Today and Always, please remember…You are a masterpiece. In the God Gallery, you are the only one of you.

~Is anyone else as jazzed as I am every time David Arms writes, creates, or expresses his ideas out loud? In this post he wrote, “I think it’s important to live this life looking from many perspectives. It’s important to observe from many angles. It’s important to see what others see. It’s how we learn, how we expand – even if we end up liking our own view better. And sometimes there is no ‘better’. It’s simply two different views.”

~I want them but…Sometimes there are no “You Are Here” indicators in life, but sometimes we knock on a door of opportunity but remain outside. We do not move through the door and enter

Video of the Week:

Somethings Gotta Change by Josh Wilson

“‘The more of us we swallow, the more we become hollow until we don’t know how to feel’. That line is so true. The more that we try to please ourselves and our sinful desires, the farther away from God we’ll be, and the more empty we will feel. Only God can fill that empty space inside of each of us. Oh God, forgive me for my pride.” ~Josh Wilson


Saturday Digest~December 24

You’ve made your list, checked it twice and found out that you forgot something or run out of something. This Week’s digest is here to help.

If you run out of …

Gift Tags: Here are some to print immediately

Tissue Paper: Use dress patterns, parchment paper (the kind you use for baking), Christmas paper napkins.

Christmas Cards: Here are five great ones:
5 Wishes
You Are So Awesome!
You Make Me Smile!
I Dropped a Tear in the Ocean
Celebrate Love Card

Envelopes for Christmas cards: Here is a pattern to use for folding them instead of rushing out to buy them

Stuff to talk about with your relatives

Things to Do

Interesting Facts to Share ala Cliff Clavin: The origin of Christmas gifts

And especially if you need to remember to –>Enjoy the Holidays: A Stress-Free Guide

The good news is you can handle your expectations

If you run out of people to pray for, please pray for our emergency personnel, our soldiers, and those who continue to wait for their Christmas miracle.

Please Remember: This nativity had an object in mind. That object is you and me.

Video of the Week:

Trans-Siberian Orchestra – Christmas Canon via Jim McShane

christmas heart graphicsfairy

Saturday Digest~December 3

~~~Really appreciate the concrete steps at the close of this post at Creative Spiritual Women and especially this thought:

When we spend too much time thinking and not enough time with the Thinker, the clouds obscure the sun and we feel “dark.”

Love. As I fill myself up with love, all those thoughts lose their value. I imagine myself emanating love and the light shines forth brilliantly in the present. This works whether I’m doing dishes, having a tough conversation, driving, eating, anything. When I switch my thoughts to “What can I love? How can I love more? Who can I love? What is loving about this person? How can I appreciate them more?” All negativity, all clouds, all the fog clears. The Light is truly Love- they are one in the same. ~Belle Pirri in How to Clear Your Mind

~~~A post intended to “leave you feeling hugged and safe and warm” Please be your own best friend and read these thoughts from Kristin Noelle

~~~When my focus is on myself and all that I think needs to be done in a day, I stop focusing on what God has placed as gifts right in front of me

~~~Please don’t beat yourself up when you have to say no, or even when you have to walk away. Remember, that what you are ACTUALLY doing is saying YES to what is most important, what can never be replaced and what is meant for you and for your life…and sometimes saying yes to all of those things leaves room for nothing else.
From the Brave Girls Club

InCourage December calendar Printable

Video of the Week: The Greatest Day by Chris Moerman 

Saturday Digest~November 26

~There are a good many things in life that I simply can’t believe my way out of.
Faith is believing that God is good even when my life is anything but.

~The more present I become and clearer I get with what I love…
It’s hilarious how often we’re led to believe we should do something just because ten other people believe it’s a desirable goal. ~Belle Pirri in this encouraging post in Creative Spiritual Women

~I know this—the labyrinth of life has the ability to lock us up and throw away the key. It attempts this through varying degrees of heartache, dependency, tragedy and an endless array of distractions. I also know this—Christ is the key to topple this house of cards and expose the illusions this maze presents. by Michael Cartwright in The Inner Doors of Faith

…Anyone who remains in the teaching of Christ has a relationship with both the Father and the Son. 2 John 9

~~~Revolving back to Enoikeo…Remaining…Abiding…Standing

Video of the Week: Stand, by Rascal Flatts

Saturday Digest~June 25

Please settle in with a cool beverage and read this beautiful post on Love and Acceptance called “A Hard Look at Love”  from Dyamond, a beautiful writer and seeker in the Be Gentle, Be Love class

For those who can see, the world’s beauty outweighs its burdens, its grace greater than its grime. When gratitude journals became my permanent life furniture, white spaces opened wide, empty pages like cups to heaven, waiting to be filled with the color of His graces… my universe shifted. by Ann Voskamp. Please continue reading by gently clicking here

Coaching yourself toward positive changes, please click here to read this post by Belle Pirri

Distributive Positivity! Free Download of Positive printables~Click Here

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