Mid-week Question~March 13~unresolved patience

Still thinking today about Monday’s posted poem by Marybeth Fidler and the bumble bee and how it panics when the glass prevents it from flying away.

A bumble bee flies into my apartment.
It didn’t mean to be there – it panics
and seeing the outside through a glass window
it proceeds to push and push against the glass
trying to get where it wants to go.

When I am “busy-as-a-bee” and resolutions result quickly, I am satisfied. (Self-critical also, but satisfied at the progress I’ve made toward my inevitable critique.)

But is my busyness a yoke of a different sort? Is it also a  “thinking I should be rewarded for all this hard work“?

Might I be patient instead? Might I choose patience over what is unresolved?

A question to consider:


Barb, the empty nest mom asks, “Can you be patient toward all that is unresolved in you and try to find a more peaceful path?

At least and until,  a window opens…Because of Grace


Other questions to consider

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