Excellence Reading List~ Day 17~ Be Gentle Be Love

Perhaps if you become what you think you may also become what you read. Toward that goal, here is my Excellence Reading List.  

Healing Reading List

Question: How do you practice Excellence?

Day 17 in the Be Gentle, Be Love Class

Amazon.com: Spiritual Notes to Myself: Essential Wisdom for the 21st…
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Engage the Truth, Become an Adventurer

Become Willing


Feed Your Healing

Feed even the dimmest inkling of healing with lavish praise and support.
~Carol Orsborn, The Art of resilience

The Moment True Healing Begins

The very moment you begin making choices with integrity is the moment that true healing begins. From that instant on, although external outcomes may continue to unfold as the consequences of what has been set in motion, inner failures are somehow mitigated. Responding to the need deep in your soul, every step forward will be an occasion to rejoice. ~Carol Orsborn, the Art of resilience

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