Midweek Question of the Week: Compassion

What if compassion is the stance we adopt towards ourselves?

What if compassion became the Antitoxin of our soul?


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The Surprising Motivational Power of Self-Compassion

Day 15~Compassion~Be Gentle Be Love


The Practice of Compassion:
* I notice when someone is hurt or needs a friend.
* I feel empathy for the pain of others.
* I take the time to reach out to those who need help.
* I care for others by listening deeply.
* I refrain from judging.
* I have compassion for myself.
* Because of Grace: I treat everyone with dignity and worth
* Because of Grace: If possible, I ask if i may pray for others
* Because of Grace: I pray for others

Compassion is the absence of tunnel vision


Brandon Heath sings movingly about pushing through tunnel vision in “Give Me Your Eyes”

“…give me your love for humanity” Help me avoid the tunnel vision of believing what I think and feel defines the truth.

Please read this post by Ann Voskamp: How we treat the weaker is our treating of Jesus

Day 17    Be Gentle Be Love eCourse

Items in bold from The Practice of Compassion list were found originally on the Weekly Virtues Project Reflections blog

New Every am


watercolor by helen

His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; Lamentations 3:22-34

So…What’s new with you this morning?

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