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God is not a man—He doesn’t lie.
        God isn’t the son of a man to want to take back what He’s said,
                Or say something and not follow through, or speak and not act on it.~Numbers 23:19

Numbers 23:19

 Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection. ~Proverbs 30:5-6


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A Word from The Sponsor~February 12

love 1 Cor 13

Nothing in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord ~Romans 8:39

This verse has been a life-line for me this week. When i’m confronted by those who would keep score of wrongs i have done, it is the strong voice of this verse that reminds me that i am accepted completely by God. God loves me flawed. He loves me no matter what.   Nothing-not sickness, not death, not my mistakes, my sins, not another’s accusations, not crimes committed, not divorce or separation, or severing of unhealthy ties can separate us from God’s Unconditional Love.

The more time i spend with those who know this and walk it out everyday, the more the accusations of others stand in stark, toxic contrast. 

Friends with maturity can handle you in your messiness. What traits will these friends have? They’ll value authenticity wanting to get the real you not the facade. They’ll be able to cry with you in your sorrow. They’ll be able to stay with you when you share your anger even if it is loud and a little or a lot over they top. They won’t walk on eggshells, but will feel the freedom to crack a joke and laugh heartily with you. Also, these friends will lead with their ears, listening well to your heart. Most importantly, they won’t try to fix you through offering cheap advice that comes out of their own uncomfortableness with your pain and anger. These extra eyes and ears will help you see your relationship more clearly.  They can help you sort through your behaviors, feelings and thoughts. They’ll sense when it is a good time to talk more about God and spiritual matters and when it is a good time to come in through another door. ~Ben and Ann Wilson

That is the growth for me this week. i am looking forward to the day where i’ve grown to not allow it to pierce me. i need to rely more on the shield of faith.

Have you experienced something similar? Have accusations pierced you this week? Please don’t withdraw due to shame and guilt that is not from God. Please remember who you are. i am trying to remember too.

Jesus Heard You

Jesus heard when you prayed last night.
He talked with God about you.
Jesus was there when you fought your fight,
He is going to bring you through.

Jesus knew when you shed those tears,
you did not weep alone.
The burdens you thought too heavy to bear,
He made them his very own.
Jesus Himself was touched by that trial,
you could not understand.
Jesus stood by as you almost fell
and lovingly clasped your hand.

Jesus cared when you bore that pain,
indeed, He bore it too.
He felt each pain, each ache in your heart,
because of His love for you.

by Corrie ten Boom, capitalization added

And there’s more…

God’s the Father, and you’re the child away from home. You never thought you’d end up doing what you’ve done, considering what you’re considering, feeling like you’re feeling. You feel like you’ve failed God; you’re unworthy—He wouldn’t want you back. How could He love me like this; how could He take me back after what I’ve done?

We’ve been raised to believe that we’ll only be loved if we perform and please people, and meet their expectations. But God is committed to you in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, and death will not part you. If He was ever going to turn His back on you, it would have been at the cross, and He didn’t.

Why are you living away from home, from His “take you as you are” kind of love? Oh, maybe you’re not in the pigpen yet. Well, don’t wait until you hit the wall at the end of a dead-end street. And even if you have, head home. ~Ron Hutchcraft


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