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Tending to Creativity~Lunchbreak

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In a comment to my post on tending to creativity, Mrs. CmJones wrote,

“I am learning to just sit down pick up my art journal and materials and let my heart guide my hand as I put color to the page. This is now allowing me to hear and see my inner self that has been buried or given to others. I love that my creativity is letting me see myself.”

I felt the tightness yesterday. The shortness of temper, of patience, of breath. I needed to pause. My head hurt. My heart hurt.
I paused from the phone, the drama, the frigid office air (ifyouknowwhatimean) and went home for lunch and to tend to creativity. I continued to prepare the luncheon favors above. There will be 30 in all.

Yesterday’s Lunchbreak creativity birthed gratitude for~

 1.       Chalkboard paint

2.       Old bottles

3.       The smooth way the paintbrush glides on the smooth glass

4.       Painting over sloppy lettering

5.       The wish that all of life’s mistakes could also be painted over

If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not working on hard enough problems. And that’s a big mistake. ~F. Wikzek

The Best Hours~ Repost by Tara Sophia Mohr

“I think we all have unique biological rhythms that impact when we have the physical, cognitive, emotional energy to create, and when our spiritual channel is most open. My mother is also an early morning creator, and we both turn off, mentally, at about 9pm.
For all of us, there are “best hours” for whatever important things we do in our lives. There are best hours for creative work. Best hours for the work that requires sharp focus and deep thought. There are best hours for being present to and generous to our loved ones.
For me, the dance is to honor that, and not get too caught up in it.
It is to arrange my life so that I get to do things during their best hours. That means speaking up for my needs, setting boundaries, establishing routines, and often, departing from the herd – doing things on a different schedule than friends or clients, and being okay with that.
But my work is – just as much – to not beat myself up or panic when it I don’t get to do things in their optimal times – when I end up sending emails during my best “big picture thinking” hours, or using my most alert and creatively inspired hour to wait for the repair man, because hey, that’s how things worked out that day.”  Tara Sophia Mohr

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