Saturday Digest~February 4

Happy New Month!

Why you should not argue with your inner critic, do yourself a favor and read this wise words from Tara Mohr

Clinging to our core is the best way to nourish our souls, click here to read more

Releasing a grudge is not only about making things right with the other person, but rather it’s about freeing your heart from the bondage of past hurt and lingering bitterness. Read more at this encouraging post by Melanie Moore

New Favorite Daily Email: Every morning a new verse on victory over fear

Video of the Week:

Sit back and just take in the beauty of Yosemite in this time lapsed video

Saturday Digest~January 21

~When you are ready to match your situation to your soul, you will find that you feel a new sense of harmony and increasingly connected to the ebb and flow of the universe. Subtle changes in your values, goals, or emotional needs can motivate you to distance yourself from one group of people in order to reassociate yourself with individuals that are better able to support you. Read more by  The Daily Om and be Affirmed

~Remember Arnold Horshack, from Welcome Back Kotter, who raised his hand and begged for attention when he knew, absolutely knew, the right answer. Well, like Horshack, I was raising my hand and waving it wildly when I read Tracy Knowlton’s post and this thought: “I was a tired, passive girl pleading for an act of magic to bring me relief…”

~I learned a new, sinister phrase: proxy-killer in How Stress Affects the Body. Did you know  a typical stress reaction involves 1400 biochemical responses…learned a new phrase “proxy-killer”

~As the angels have shown me again and again: Every encounter is an opportunity for Grace. Open your mind; open your eyes, your ears and your heart to what comes. From (((hugs))) at Kind Over Matter

~And filed under “Practical”–> I’m trying to organize holiday recipes and found this great recipe card maker online

Video of the Week:

Windsong by John Denver

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