Whole-Hearted Living Thursdays~May 3~Inspiring Women

For awhile now, some Thursdays will provide a Because of Grace Wholehearted Living Stories:

Always keep learningI was delighted to see a digital anthology of Wholehearted Living stories carefully collected and archived at my friend, Garrett’s blog, Quit Taking It Personally   (which is also an awesome life affirmation too).

Click over to Quit Taking It Personally  and read about Rachel’s Daily Pep Talk from a Best Friend, Maria and her commitment to teach encourage girls to pursue math and science, Joanne’s change in perspective and several more inspiring stories. Real people living real, awareness-filled stories…just like you! Read these stories: they are short but packed with inspiration.

Your comments and thoughts always welcome~!

And a digital P.S.: I am very interested in your 10 Books to Pack for a Move from yesterday’s post


Previous Whole-hearted living stories

Saturday Digest~February 11

~Kind of getting to the age where this is an attractive post: Super Health Benefits from Ginger Baths

A special thought of love right before Valentine’s Day:
Love lets go of it’s ultimatums — to ultimately hold a person Ready to let go of pain of the tearing apart of what was. Ready to take the ripped scraps, stitch them together, to make a sail from what’s dead and catch the wind ahead. Ready to take wind blowing in beyond my control, and just make water of it. I’ve been thirsty too long and I am desperate to drink. Sometimes letting go is how to find out He holds. Ann Voskamp, When the Wind Blows and Love Tries to Hold On

~How are you doing on your focus word for the year? Can you find the word “Affirm” in this word cloud by Bonnie Grey @ Faith Barrista?

~Still loving the images and languid pace of Winter’s description by David Arms:
Just like no two types of trees grow the same leaves, no two types of trees grow their branches in the same formation. And when the trees are bear, the intricacy of these patterns is beautifully displayed against the grey skies of winter. ~David Arms

~It really is time because “There is no time left for hesitating, protecting our hearts, or living in fear of doing the “wrong” thing, not pleasing others, rocking the boat. That way of living simply is not working. It’s an old paradigm whose days are numbered.” ~Alia in the Inner Bliss Blog post you will appreciate… Breathe and Read this post. Breathe and Read

~Ok, I have put on my big girl smile and adjusted to the announcement that April is the end of Picnik. Thanks to Ann Voskamp for providing these alternatives to Picnik

Most of us are looking for happiness in all the wrong places…Here’s Rachel’s road-map for increasing your levels of happiness…a blog pep talk shared by my friend Garrett at We Love Gratitude

 Video of the Week
You Belong by Mela Kamin

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