Saturday Digest~July 23

Saw this post 12 Little Instant Health Boosts  featured on Dyamond’s blog …Thanks, Dyamond! So many times I read articles like this and they advocate buying elaborate things or ingredients such as “eye of newt”~~~but these suggestions are possible to do!

A great perspective on dealing with difficult people from Kate Swoboda who says, “Clearly, they were not raised to believe that they would be respected and heard if they spoke their truth, or they’re afraid that they won’t know how, or they know what they want to say but they’re too angry to say it and they’re fearful of their own anger.” Read this post!

To offset the difficult people post, now two positives:

An awesome visualization and description of the ripples of kindness:

Kindness in Motion! Watch this video! I am beginning a version of this here in my town!

Have you ever felt this way? “I want there to be an Option C. This is the option where I get to do what I want to do once in awhile. It doesn’t work that way with God. If I do not obey God then by default I am obeying the enemy. Satan is a murderer. He kills the ‘good’ inside of me because he cannot live or dwell in the same space with what is of God. ” Read more of Jody’s amazing devotional called, “Choose You This Day

And what about when our circumstances reflect something good? Tara Mohr in Real Celebration  writes, “people resist slowing down and really experiencing whatever is happening in their lives. That rang true.”

Mohr continues with this caution tale: “people tend to be even more resistant to celebrating, to acknowledging accomplishments or blessings, to slowing down to bask in them.”

Our egos’ rapacious appetites for more – more accomplishment, more productivity—drive us to ask, “What’s next?” and get on with the next thing, the very moment after something important has occurred… But more than anything, I think, we resist celebrating because it’s vulnerable, intimate. Celebrating something in our own lives requires being present to ourselves, really showing up for ourselves.

Saturday Digest~June 25

Please settle in with a cool beverage and read this beautiful post on Love and Acceptance called “A Hard Look at Love”  from Dyamond, a beautiful writer and seeker in the Be Gentle, Be Love class

For those who can see, the world’s beauty outweighs its burdens, its grace greater than its grime. When gratitude journals became my permanent life furniture, white spaces opened wide, empty pages like cups to heaven, waiting to be filled with the color of His graces… my universe shifted. by Ann Voskamp. Please continue reading by gently clicking here

Coaching yourself toward positive changes, please click here to read this post by Belle Pirri

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