Monday words for the Soul~May 19

Life is an adventure in forgiveness. ~Norman Cousins

indiana jones

Forgiveness is not boring; it can be the most courageous adventure we undertake.
Because we have to abandon our expectation of receiving.
We have to abandon our expectation of receiving an apology we were never going to get.

It might be easier to follow Indiana Jones. But not as endearingly satisfying.

And it won’t salve the wound.

Only grace can salve the wound and accompany us on the adventure.

Forgiveness is an adventure.


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Monday Words for the Soul~August 12

let God's forgiveness in

I’ve been having some push back with the concept of “forgiving myself.” It felt oddly out of order and slightly arrogant. You see, I think only God has the power to forgive me. Surely I can forgive others and I should do this before resentment sets in… but for my sins, it is only in God’s power to forgive.

“The Bible says that when God forgives us, He ‘remembers our sins no more'” (Jeremiah 31:34).              ~S. Michael Houdmann

If I do not accept God’s forgiveness, have I put myself in God’s position? Have I chosen to wallow in my guilt and shame instead of accept His gift of forgiveness?

“It seems such good advice doesn’t it, ‘You just have to forgive yourself and move on, have a fresh start’.
Who says it is up to us to do this anyway? Never once can it be found in scripture that this is ours to do, yet it is a persistent belief. It is God’s right to say how we have messed up, he is the one who is the perfect standard and measures us by himself, only he knows just how much we miss that standard.
If he is willing to see that Jesus paid for our selfishness, meanness, laziness, etc. and consequently to declare us absolutely not guilty, it seems arrogant to say ‘that isn’t good enough’ and to believe only forgiving ourselves will satisfy and set us free.” ~Hazel Flood in this post


Since I love the sentiment expressed in the picture above, perhaps my semantic self will replace “forgive yourself” with “Accept God’s forgiveness.”

Always in receipt of His grace …

Walk Forward to Forgiveness


Photo by Helen

Forgiveness: Deserve Has Nothing to do with it

Forgiveness is spiritual surgery on your own soul.

The first and sometimes only person to get the benefits of forgiving is the person who does the forgiving.
~Lewis Smedes in The Art of Forgiving

It is a process for me. Is it a process for you too?

When you forgive somebody who has wronged you, you’re spared the dismal corrosion of bitterness and wounded pride.  ~Frederick Buechner in Listening to Your Life

Forgiveness is housekeeping for the mind

As we forgive, we taste the sweetness of freedom and the hope for a future without the pain our minds have consistently replayed. The other person may never feel a whit differently that (s)he did the moment (s)he wounded us. But we are set free by forgiving, and that is a divine miracle. ~Jerusha Clark in Every Thought Captive

Deserve has nothing to do with it:

Of course he does not deserve to be forgiven. Nobody does. {Even} being sorry for the wrong we did does not earn us a right to be forgiven. There is no such thing as a right to be forgiven. Forgiving flows always and only from what theologians call grace~~~unearned, undeserved favor. ~Lewis Smedes in The Art of Forgiving

Because of Grace :)

Sometimes I Forget

forgiveness to yourself

Forgiveness Has Power

forgiveness has power

The Only Remedy

From Greg’s Blog: “The only remedy is to forgive the person that has wronged us and turn our situation over to God. He can work it all out for good.
Besides, our unforgiveness only makes us bitter, and we get consumed by anger and rage.”
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