This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~ Continue to Savor


Take a little time this weekend to Savor the landscape of your weekend.

Perhaps you will:

Look intently at a sunrise, cloud formation, sunset, or star-filled sky

Listen to the sounds of laughter, nature, conversation, or music around you

Feel the warmth of the blanket, the softness of a hand holding yours, the cushion of grass under your bare feet

Breathe in the aroma of food cooking, a candle burning, a cup of steaming chamomile tea

Taste the last bite of a good meal, the coolness of ice, a sweet treat that might be waved away

Thank Him for all of these blessings that arise from Him…
And the Lord smelled a savor of rest…Genesis 8:21*

What will you Savor this weekend?

After each act of creation in Genesis 1, “God saw that His new creation was beautiful and good.” When creation is nearly complete, God not only declares it “good” but is described as “savoring its beauty and appreciating its goodness” (Genesis 1:31) Ecclesiastes 7:19,


More weekend activities

*GNV translation
**the voice translation

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