This weekend~Save a grocery list

In times of “words per minute” and micro-everything, a grocery list is one of the few things we actually write … with penmanship…or scribble squiggles. Just go with this for a second: your grocery list reflects both your wants and your needs. There is probably something on your list that you intend for another and a special item just for you…(some call these guilty pleasures, but perhaps a better word is taste-filled pleasures).


palest ink quote

Grocery lists are special to me. I have one framed to remind me of the power of a prayerfully crafted list. Several years ago…money was extremely tight and I had pared down my grocery list “the the nubs” as Granny T. would say. After arriving home and unloading the groceries, I checked my mail and I found a utility bill containing a statement with a credit balance (due to an energy efficiency rebate). The amount was almost equal to what I had just spent at the grocery. A huge relief! And a prayerful reminder of Proverbs 10:22.

So, this weekend, smooth out a crumpled grocery list, pray gratitude over it, and perhaps, consider a frame of remembrance!

my soul's grocery list



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