This Weekend~Enlighten~Strengthen~Mend~Bind~Heal~Revive

This weekend-go for the Big 6: Enlighten~Strengthen~Mend~Bind~Heal~Revive

Enlighten your mind by thinking and considering the opposite of an opinion you hold.
Mend a fence, a friendship, and a neighborship
Bind ¬†whatever you’ve allowed that obscures grace.
Heal a wound by reminding yourself of who you are in Christ
Revive your physical body through water and sleep and smiles.

What Feeds You?

Dear Lord, Please enlighten what is dark in me, strengthen what is weak in me, mend
what is broken in me, bind what is bruised in me, heal what is sick in me, and
revive whatever peace and love that have died in me… ~from Healing Hugs


Other weekend activities

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