Midweek Question~May 8~How Can I Help?

How Can I Help? a little book published by Chris Shea and Harvest House

Just in the previous year, I’ve joined a club with so many of my friends. Together we have encountered dark nights of the soul that have continued into weeks and months and years. We’ve have experienced deployments, severe illnesses, surgeries, job setbacks, sudden moves, and the final passing of one or both parents.

How Can I Help?It is difficult to know what to say to help and give comfort during these times. Chris Shea’s offers a way in her book, How Can I Help? Chris puts the emphasis on healing and the grace of God’s care.

How Can I Help? is a little volume that captures our willingness to do absolutely anything to alleviate the pain of another. Through a series of illustrated intentions… (“I could get you a little, red sweater with pretty yellow buttons so you can feel warmer when the world seems cold”) Chris Shea gives voice to our willingness to be there for another.


Chris’ gift of expression and illustration is quite accurately, as she describes in the pages of How Can I Help?, “a Band-aid made in heaven.”



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