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Isaiah 41:13

Isaiah 41:13


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Pausing for Gentleness

Still parking on my fluid definition of “Day” 21 on Gentleness.
Yesterday’s post had Images of Gentleness.

Today, I wonder, what powers Gentleness?

What is the fuel that powers Gentleness?

Is Gentleness predicated on a pause? Jesus paused.
Jesus modeled gentleness in the way he paused.
He paused in the middle of swirling accusations.

Pausing in the storm

It takes great power to pause. pause collage

In the Be Gentle, Be Love course materials I read, “To achieve gentleness, you need to have a great power. This must be a power that can bind a power. You need to be stronger. You must have a great strength that can manage your own strength. Furthermore, you must have a self that can control yourself, or in other word, self-control. This also means that you must become your inner self, rather than your external self.”

Gentleness may be just a pause away.

Being gentle sounds simple, but so hard to do (especially with my temperament)…I need a great Power to do that. “The greater Power that can overcome the power that makes me rough is one that is more eternal – one that lasts longer and even forever. That power is found in Spirit. It is the spirit that comes from God, which pulls all the spiritual things you need to possess gentleness. It is the spirit that is founded by love.”

It is a pull all right. And not a stretch of my patience, yet sweetly resisting taffy pull…no, I am talking full-contact sumo-wrestling tug-of-war.

But…Because of Grace, He is there with His promise:

For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. Isaiah 41:13

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Day 21 Be Gentle Be Love

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