a word from The Sponsor~January 12

a repost of sorts, of my verse for this season of new beginnings…

What is your verse of focus? Might you share it in the comments?


more words from The Sponsor

a word from The Sponsor~January 5

A new focus verse for the new year.

I wanted them to trust Me and obey My voice. In those early days, I told them, “I will be your God, and you will be My people. Follow Me every step of the way into a life that is good.” ~ Jeremiah 7:23

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Jeremiah 7:23


I want to stay close to His Grace this year and hang on to His path.
The next verse in Jeremiah is a warning to avoid backward steps and mistakes of the past.

Choosing instead to step in footprints of grace, straining through the noise to hear His Voice of Grace and protection.

What is your focus verse for the new year?

Small Note: This picture taken on a hiking trip last week.

At the bottom of the photo, on the pink card, is my focus verse for 2013, which I left at the summit.


2013 words from The Sponsor

(photo by Helen Teague)

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