Midweek Question of the Week~April 16

Little by Little, a little becomes a lot~Tanzanian Proverb

little by little

Early 20th Century Huntington Beach, California pier with Catalina Island in the background

How are the little things going and growing? (in a good way). I don’t mean the little pesky annoyances that prickle and get under your skin (such as this post, which, in my morning haze, I just inadvertently deleted and am not retyping.)

No, I am referring to your collection of small things that become the big things that show beauty, show grace, and give you peace. These small things can be a cushion for your faith, which Michael Cartright writes about with honesty in this post.

Perhaps, this year, along with Easter Eggs, we can gather the small things.


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Little by Little quote first seen at the Kind Over Matter blog

Mid-Week Question~June 12~your canvas

What is your canvas?

Summer has begun and many are applying the paint of moves, new jobs, new marriages, new adventures, and new hopes to the canvas of possibility and grace.

What is your canvas? What is your medium?
I am memorized by Artist Flora Bowley, as she creates…from blank canvas to vibrant work of art. I see confidence, joy, freedom, creativity, abundance, immersion and…and…and…!!!

Flora Bowley * Brave Intuitive Painting from Zipporah on Vimeo.



‘let go. be bold. unfold…’ * braveintuitiveyou.com
‘Brave Intuitive Painting’ by Flora Bowley * amazon.com/Brave-Intuitive-Painting-Let-Bold-Unfold/dp/1592537685
camera & edit:
* Zipporah * thememoryjars.com
‘Crusade’ by Kyrstyn Pixton * kyrstynpixton.com
this video originally seen on Kind Over Matter

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Midweek Question of the Week~January 23

Are you willing to remember who are you when you forget that you don’t know? ~Jo Anna Rothman

click here to read the rest of JoAnna’s post

James 1:22-25


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Monday Words for the Soul~November 26~Kindness

“Be kind to yourself today, even if no one else is.”
~Caren Baginski in this post from Kind Over Matter

always wear your crown

Additional posts featuring content from  Kind Over Matter


More Words for the Soul

How to Help with Hurricane Sandy Relief Right Now

prayers continue transition with help

To donate, please visit RedCross.org , call 1-800-RED-CROSS or see additional ways in this Original Post from the Kind Over Matter website: http://www.kindovermatter.com/2012/10/how-to-donate-hurricane-sandy-relief.html


See Additional Words from The Sponsor by gently clicking here!

Mid-Week Question of the Week~May 2~Book Essentials

“It is a great thing to start life with a small number of really good books which are your very own.” ~Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This week’s question of the week, is a bit more objective in scope. I am so extremely interested in your answer!

If you were moving and space was at a premium, what ten books would you absolutely, positively have to take with you? 

books photo from Kind Over Matter

Picture seen on KindOverMatter.com

Other Book and Page Photos


Other Mid-Week Questions

Saturday Digest~March 10

A couple of poems from this rainy Saturday

~Love this poem about being different. “Some lies are told to us and some are in our heads” Click here

~I just caught my breath when I read these words of poetryClick here

~Jean wonders if she is crazy. Well, I love Jean’s kind of crazy and if Jean she is crazy, let’s all join her on her next adventure!  Click here

~ Soul-searching post featuring 3 reasons you’re neglecting yourself and how to start changing that

Video of the Week: The Best Way Out Is Always Through

View this inspiring movie from Simple Truths called The Best Way Out Is Always Through
Remember to set your clocks an hour later tonight. :)

faith in God means faith in His timing

Picture Source 


Read this only if you are thin-skinned

This post is for anyone with thin-skin.

Please Read this post only if you have thin-skin. If you feel deeply the unkind words and actions of others…if you have received criticism through angry words, callous actions, insidious gossip, careless jokes, please continue reading.

Disclaimer: This post is written by someone with thin-skin. It is for those with thin-skin.

If you are a thick-skinned, “take no prisoners”, kick-fanny-and-take-names kinda person, kindly click away. There is exciting content just for you on other pages and blogs.

Ok…are we alone now? <Looking over shoulder>.

Here is something i want you to know when you are in the midst of another’s criticism storm…

You are not alone. I want to wrap you in a hoodie of grace to weather criticism’s storm.
As you feel the insulation of this hoodie I want you to feel insulated in His love.

And here is something else i am learning as well…

Critical lotsa i's no u by teague

~Some advocate running away from criticizers. But, running away leaves the possibility for being caught.
~Some advocate arguing with the accuser. But when pots and kettles clang and clamor, then peace is lost. We are unmatched in the meanness arena.
~Some advocate envisioning a wall of protection, but what is walled-in and contained is difficult to share. And those who accuse and criticize are swirling in a poison chaos. They need what you have to share. Desperately. But from a distance, perhaps.

Every criticism, judgment, diagnosis, and expression of anger is the tragic expression of an unmet need. ~Marshall Rosenberg

I saw this quote from Marshall Rosenberg at Amanda Oaks’ kindness portal  and it zipped the hoodie of grace snugly around me.

blue snowy skyWhen in the storm of criticizing, i learned to count

and Because of Grace
The tally of letter i’s grew.
And there was absolutely no u’s to view.
It is about them and not you.
Or me.
Does it help to know you are not alone?
Does this help at all to heal from the pain?

Saturday Digest~January 28

~The longer we spend dwelling in doubts, the more powerful that story becomes, and we lose our power to change. ~Belle Pirri in this interview at Purposeful Women. This article also includes Belle’s How to Set Yourself Up to Make Choices You Love

~In all things there is the possibility of learning to trust…love the artwork and the message in this post

~Some who wander on the Internet are not lost, they are nourished! Wandered happily at this website

~Today and Always, please remember…You are a masterpiece. In the God Gallery, you are the only one of you.

~Is anyone else as jazzed as I am every time David Arms writes, creates, or expresses his ideas out loud? In this post he wrote, “I think it’s important to live this life looking from many perspectives. It’s important to observe from many angles. It’s important to see what others see. It’s how we learn, how we expand – even if we end up liking our own view better. And sometimes there is no ‘better’. It’s simply two different views.”

~I want them but…Sometimes there are no “You Are Here” indicators in life, but sometimes we knock on a door of opportunity but remain outside. We do not move through the door and enter

Video of the Week:

Somethings Gotta Change by Josh Wilson

“‘The more of us we swallow, the more we become hollow until we don’t know how to feel’. That line is so true. The more that we try to please ourselves and our sinful desires, the farther away from God we’ll be, and the more empty we will feel. Only God can fill that empty space inside of each of us. Oh God, forgive me for my pride.” ~Josh Wilson


Saturday Digest~January 21

~When you are ready to match your situation to your soul, you will find that you feel a new sense of harmony and increasingly connected to the ebb and flow of the universe. Subtle changes in your values, goals, or emotional needs can motivate you to distance yourself from one group of people in order to reassociate yourself with individuals that are better able to support you. Read more by  The Daily Om and be Affirmed

~Remember Arnold Horshack, from Welcome Back Kotter, who raised his hand and begged for attention when he knew, absolutely knew, the right answer. Well, like Horshack, I was raising my hand and waving it wildly when I read Tracy Knowlton’s post and this thought: “I was a tired, passive girl pleading for an act of magic to bring me relief…”

~I learned a new, sinister phrase: proxy-killer in How Stress Affects the Body. Did you know  a typical stress reaction involves 1400 biochemical responses…learned a new phrase “proxy-killer”

~As the angels have shown me again and again: Every encounter is an opportunity for Grace. Open your mind; open your eyes, your ears and your heart to what comes. From (((hugs))) at Kind Over Matter

~And filed under “Practical”–> I’m trying to organize holiday recipes and found this great recipe card maker online

Video of the Week:

Windsong by John Denver

Saturday Digest~December 17

God will never say to you, “I’m sorry, I would like to help you, but I can’t.” He is here inviting us to a courage-filled life. Read Five Reasons to be Courageous with a steaming cup of cider.

In her post titled, “There are days,” Jeri portrays the ups and downs of a regular life and gently reminds us,

His grace grips our hearts and we fall to our knees~~humbled and oh, so grateful.  

In the middle of the most hectic time of year and with a focus on the newness of the year ahead, Andrea Olson writes about giving herself permission to quit . Wow! Did I need to read this at the exact moment my eyes met Andrea’s words.  

Life isn’t how you see it; YOU ARE how you see life. Life and our relationship with it is a mirror of ourselves. Look into the mirror with Mastin Kipp in this post.

All this goodness that we strive for everyday starts with one love. A beautiful Christmas message from Amanda at Kind Over Matter

Video of the Week
O, Come All Ye Faithful by Anne Murray

Saturday Digest~December 10

~~~ Christmas Wish: be a person worthy of your own respects…by Neil Simon via Kind Over Matter

~~~ Why do you need to remember the painful times in your life? Because someone in your community of faith needs to know you were healed ~by Steve Ridgell on his blog 

~~~ Fifty-three hours…by anyone’s standards, that’s a long, hard workweek. So, are you sitting down? Fifty-three hours is the amount of time each week that the average American young person spends on some form of electronic entertainment. Connection is good, but our lives need quiet space also. Click here to finish reading this post and view the accompanying video.

~~~Holiday Mail for Heroes Program Overview

The holiday season is just around the corner and it’s time again to start thinking about being part of the 2011 American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes. For a fifth year, American Red Cross and Pitney Bowes are partnering to ensure all Americans have an opportunity to send a touch of home this holiday season to members of our U.S. military, veterans and their families, many of whom will be far away from home this holiday season.

Sending a “touch of home” to American men and women who serve our country is the perfect way to express your appreciation and support during the holiday season.

Starting this fall and throughout the holiday season, the Red Cross is working with Pitney Bowes, a mail stream technology company, to collect and distribute holiday cards to American service members, veterans and their families in the United States and around the world.

The process is very simple and takes no time at all – All you need is a pen and piece of paper to share your appreciation for the sacrifices members of the U.S. Armed Forces make to protect our freedoms The Holiday Mail for Heroes mail box is open and ready to receive for your cards. Please send all mail to:

Holiday Mail For Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Video of the Week


Saturday Digest~September 24

~~A batch of bitterness left my heart that I had forgotten was there. It feels so good not to have bad feelings toward anybody. How did this happen? Gently click to this insightful post by Steve Simms called When Somebody’s Done You Wrong

~~Perhaps the most important thing we bring to another person is this  

~~Grace obligates us to obey Jesus, regardless of the circumstances or consequences. ~Jon Walker,  Serving Even When It Is Inconvenient

~~It seems that resting more and more in God’s love, brings longings to create. I really love this Decorative Clipboard Tutorial

~~Been reading and re-reading this poem by Abilgail Wurdeman called Whole. What caught my eye at first were the words about stomping and whining (me). What sustains my attention is the miracle that He has “infused” my life with His Spirit. Would you consider playing the video by Shaun Groves while you read and reread the poem?


Though I stomp and whine and moan

for my own idea of completion,

I see that You have already made me whole.

And so I praise you

for the body that sustains me

and the spirit that fills me,

for the friends that support me

and the family that guides me,

for the work that challenges me

and the play that thrills me,

for the knowledge that grounds me

and the faith that centers me.

You infuse my life with Your spirit.

Thank You for the kind of completion

only Your hands can design.

All’s Grace by Shaun Groves

All’s Grace from Shaun Groves on Vimeo.

Saturday Digest~July 16

Maybe it was because my dad turned 84 years-old this week, but there seemed to be a theme this week:

What a great gift this writer has: Activating Hope

Willpower vs. Soulpower with willpower, you might succeed at doing something new for a few weeks, but your own efforts only go so far. Knowing the right thing to do doesn’t mean you have the power to do it. Lasting change will only come when your inner nature changes, when you live by soulpower. Read the rest at Remembering What Jesus Did For You…

Emailed from my friend Garrett is this wonderful post about what Mark Twain Can Teach Us About Living.  My favorite quote from this blog post: “Drag your thoughts away from your troubles… by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.”

By being watchful, we can let the right thoughts in and the right ones go~~Gently click here to linger a moment

My favorite poet, Pablo Neruda, had a birthday this week. Give yourself a gift and read one of his poems
Pablo Neruda wrote all of his poems in green ink because he thought it was the color of esperanza, hope.

Hope …there it is again…maybe if I can’t go a day without thinking with hope, then I need to continue to embrace it.

never give up

...or someone... :)

The way I have been seeing myself


 Once upon a time there was a woman with stones in her eyes who spent her days thinking, “what is wrong with me?”

One day she went for a walk. She came to a stream and saw herself reflected in the water as whole and complete.

She was so surprised by this that she blinked and the stones fell out of her eyes.

“All this time I have been asking myself the wrong question”, she thought.

“Rather than asking, what is wrong with me? I should have been asking, ‘what is wrong with the way I have been seeing myself?'”

Philippians 2:4

picture from the Cultivate blog

Saturday Digest~ July 9

Amanda has done it again! Gentle reminders of kindness from her stockpile of awesomeness~
Astronomy Picture of the Day
In honor of the last shuttle flight. Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating
universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Learning to Like Yourself by Joyce Meyer Did you know that you and I have to learn to deal with our do separately from our who? The fact is, I don’t do everything right all the time, but that doesn’t affect who I am. I know I’m loved and that I’m still a good person. I’ve made mistakes in my life—and I’m sure I’ll make mistakes in the future—but I still like myself

The True Way to Be Humble, by Ann Voskamp

And, a great family project~~~the Summer Photo Checklist


Saturday Digest~July 2

Silent thoughts are the roots: Love this post. (that is why it is so essential to take captive every thought)

Just a really concise and true post on Choosing People Who Are Available to Love. Wish I had read this years ago (of course it was not written years ago, so maybe I read it now at just-the-right-time.)

Some crutches are necessary. Read this gratitude list  from  We Love Gratitude and you’ll see why.

Going away on vacation? How to Be a Faithful Traveler~~~four ways on how to pack my faith for the road, too by Karen Barber

A happy site by a young soul named Jenny: Love the idea contained in her blog title: The Lifeline: We only have one line to live

And this poem by Russian poet Anna Akhmatova; I was stunned by the concept erasing painful memories.

Today I have so much to do
I must kill memory once and for all
I must turn soul to stone
I must learn to live again
Unless … Summer’s ardent rustling
Is like a festival outside my window.
For a long time I’ve foreseen this
Brilliant day, deserted house.

Saturday Digest~May 28, 2011

“Yes, you are good enough. You matter more than you have ever allowed yourself to know. There is someone out there right now thinking of you and loving you. You are worthy of so much love, because you are love. You are a gift. A precious gift. Your existence is a miracle. You are a miracle!”

I love the loving permission in this post: Embrace Your Vulnerabilities

Remember you don’t have to figure it all out but you can create with intention

Just Listen. Yes. Just Listen.  And quietly click here to read this 

We just returned from a great trip to New York. This timely post from Zagat perked my attention: 8 Things You Can Do to
Make Your Server Hate You

Saturday Digest~May 21

*I really like this thought: “Break away from results oriented thinking and simply enjoy love oriented living”–Bonnie Gray Faith Barista, a new blog on my linkroll

*New Angle on Optimism…”optimism can be just as guilty of wanting things simple and in our power as the downside view. Neither is real. maybe the deal about unwavering optimism and pessimism, both those sides of ourselves, is exactly the reluctance to transform, to deeply trust and live in continuing transformation.”  To read the entire post, gently click here

*Thanks to Amanda, at Kind Over Matter for these free, printable “i like you” facebook cards

*Just in time for the end of school: Michelle Traudt writes about getting rid of anxiety.  Gentle Click Here

*It’s time to “be still and know” God’s love. “Vacuum in the joy and the glory and the beauty of this world. Look beyond all circumstance. Put your mind in neutral and rest in Him. Talk to Him. Tell Him how lonely you feel. Tell Him how much you long for the love that He alone provides, that He alone can restore and renew in your heart, soul and mind. Cry out and ask Him to rain down His love upon you so that yours may “abound more in knowledge and in all judgment”. Open the Word and read till you hear His Spirit speak to your heart. From Him you will gain insight into those things which are excellent–the way He’d have you go. He would not have you to be insincere with anyone, nor give any offense for which to account on the day of Christ’s return. He wants to fill your life with the fruits of righteousness…a natural production from a heart nourished by Christ Jesus, Himself.”  To read the entire post by Hariette Petersen, gently click here 

Saturday Digest April 9 Because of Grace

Must See Movie! Finding Joy Movie: Gently Click Here to View

A Challenge: Is it possible to choose healing and to choose to heal with love?                                                   You will know after you gently click here

Free Printable I-Like-You card from Amanda at Kind Over Matter. Does anyone else think it is just awe-inspiring that during a season marked by Lent and what we are giving up, Amanda creates and gives away
Thanks, Amanda!

This hope we have as an anchor of the soul….a security. Have you ever tried to define your hope? Marsha has and she writes clearly about her experience here

Quote for Day 2: “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” – Look with wonder at elegant beauty in black and white, please gently click here

Right here – in this moment – we don’t have the whole view. We can only guess that this Thing – that Very Terrible Thing – is the worst thing for us. We don’t have all the information, the knowledge and the goodness of being able to look back on it… to see it was right for us, and the best thing. Please read more

SSSHHHHH Stop and Be Still. Then watch this stillness video, please gently click here

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