Criticism~Continued Healing

As I continue to heal from criticism, reminders that the process is not one-stop-shopping prevail. Helping in the process and helping me to process this wonderful post from Brave Girls Club arrives in my Inbox.

Dear adored girl,

When someone mistreats us, it is so important to not allow ourselves to take it personally, to let it measure our value, to let it soak in as something we ‘deserve’ or to let it derail us when we are on the right track.

Sometimes it comes as such a surprise, such an assault and such a distraction. Whether it is a few cruel words said in a moment of heat, or whether it is years long of aggressive behavior, it is difficult to deal with! Often we let it deflate our confidence, we mull over it for days, and we even sometimes allow the mistreatment to make us feel like we must not be valuable enough to be treated with kindness.

Please do not allow the lies in, sweet friend. Please do not allow the mistreatment to go any further than the person who was delivering it. Let them keep it, for whatever reason, and do not receive it for yourself. Say kind things to yourself when it is over. Allow yourself to heal for a few minutes or a few days, and then make a promise that you will do what it takes to protect yourself from it happening again, always with love, always with truth, always with bold strength.

You are worth protecting. Your heart is worth protecting. Your soul is worth protecting.

You are so very loved, Brave Girls Club

Saturday Digest April 9 Because of Grace

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