Saturday Digest~January 14

God Chooses You

Please Remember

~Laughter is an Instant Vacation–In preparing for an upcoming talk on the therapeutic health benefits of laughter, I saw this jolly video.

~Receiving mega benefits from bringing growth inside. You might want to be greeted every morning by green. If so, this post is helpful too:

~National Tea Month, Ideas, Info, Recipes and beautiful Photos:

~Where does productivity come from and how can you tap into it?

~Great Journaling Ideas on this blog:

~This week was especially significant for me. I let go of some things and embraced some things. When this post from Alia arrived in my Inbox, I felt the hug in the timing.

“How often do we stuff pain and sorrow within our hearts, never to see the light? We carry this baggage around with us, paying a huge price for it every day. It eats away at us with its constant presence. We often forget it’s there.”  ~Alia, Inner Bliss Blog

Video of the Week:

Heal the Wound Point of Grace

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