The Prayer of Relinquishment

Sometimes it is best to cease pushing, pressing, and move quickly to trusting God, relinquish my attachment to outcomes, instead of the process of Grace. I read about this prayer from Jean Wise’s instructive blog – here it is:

A Prayer of Relinquishment

Today, O Lord, I yield myself to you.

May your will be my delight today.

May your way have perfect sway in me.

May your love be the pattern of my living.

I surrender to you

my hopes,

my dreams,

my ambitions.

Do with them what you will, when you will, as you will.

I place into your loving care

my family,

my friends,

my future.

Care for them with a care that I can never give.

I release into your hands

my need to control,

my craving for status,

my fear of obscurity.

Eradicate the evil, purify the good, and establish your

kingdom on earth.

For Jesus’ sake,


Richard Foster – From his book, titled Prayers of the Heart

From Jean Wise’s original post here

Prayer word cloud for Moore, Oklahoma


Sometimes, in prayer, it helps for me to focus on specific words…I copied the text of prayers said today at a prayer service (taking out personal identifiers such as names and locations). I pasted them into a word cloud generator website called Wordle. The word cloud above is what was rendered by Wordle

…what is very interesting and comforting to me is that usually Wordle renders word clouds in big blobs but this one looks to me like a person’s outline and the word “Lord” was rendered by Wordle at the top left and slightly higher…

pray for Oklahoma

This Weekend~December 28~Share Comfort

During this last weekend of 2012, may I ask you to do something? May I asked you to please give an extra special touch of comfort and peace to those who have lost a loved one this year, or in the past?

The holidays are so often a time of family gatherings and special memories, in addition to being a time to celebrate the birth of the Savior. It is a time of love and sharing. It is a time that brings fresh thoughts of those we love and dearly miss. It is a time that can leave some people feeling so lonely. Although, during Christmas, you may have supported a loved one who is grieving, there is a palpable letdown during this “in between” week.

Would you pray that the hurting, the grieving, and the lonely will feel God’s presence in their lives and the presence of the ones they are grieving in a real way? Perhaps they will hear a familiar song, or see a reminder, or hear similar words their loved one used to speak, or find a cherished momento. I recently was able to talk about my grandmother and her college days at Berkeley to a new friend who had not heard these stories. I felt my grandma right there with me, gently admonishing me to talk about something more important than her “little life”!

I pray that you will be God’s messenger and will fill that place in the hearts of those who are grieving with His peace and presence.

And while I am asking, would you pray for special grace and healing that only God can provide? Would you pray that memories will be sweet and precious and that any guilt in the minds of those who are grieving will be gone?

You may be just the one  to be there to encourage and bring cheer to any who are alone, and to one another.

Together, under His wings, we make it! With thanks and gratitude~

yellow bird


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Monday Words for the Soul~August 27

Back to School

Dear God, today I lift up all teachers to you. I pray for your anointing upon their lives, their work, their ministry. I pray you will give them wisdom, knowledge, guidance, patience, love, protection, understanding, insight and everything they need to be a positive life-changing influence upon those they teach. I pray you will keep them safe from all harm and evil. I pray you will bring to their minds the lessons and information they need to teach and the ability and skills to do what is good, right, and best in every situation. I pray that each one will not see their profession and standing as just a job, but as an opportunity to make a difference in lives and show your love to others. May they be salt and light in this world. May they rely on your strength and grace each and every day to accomplish that which you would have them do. Bless them, father, as your servants and children. And may they be a blessing to others with whom they work and teach. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen. A Prayer by Os Hillman for teachers~

Would you pray for a teacher today (and slow down in crosswalks?)

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A Word from The Sponsor~May 20

Today’s verse arrives gently from my Double Portion file. About a year ago, I began collecting Double Portion Bible verses: verses with the same chapter and verse. Looking for these verses kept me on my toes while reading the Bible or devotionals. This practice for me, echoes Elisaha’s words to Elijah in 2 Kings 2:2. First Elisha said he would never leave Elijah and then in verse 9 he accepts the inevitable departure of Elijah and says, “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit”

This is what I need. And this is my prayer for you too.
Today Romans 12:12 is an anchor of Double Portion Blessings:

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction,  faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Do you have a favorite Double Portion verse? It would be stupendous if you would share it in a Comment here!

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Picture Source

A Thanksgiving Prayer

clark prayer

From the book Every Thought Captive by Jerusha Clark, page 64

A Prayer for Our Veterans

A Prayer for Our Veterans

Eternal and Loving God, we are so thankful for the men and women that You have raised up to serve our country with honor, dignity and commitment in the past and present, in war time and times of peace, in combat or on the home front.

We remember them today and ask You to bless them in the sacrifices they have made to give of themselves for the cause of freedom. We ask You to surround them and their families with your love and protection as many continue to serve on the front lines.

In their times of loneliness and despair, we ask You to be their unseen hand that will lift them up to see a brighter day. We remember those who have lost their lives in service, and we applaud their selfless acts as well as their families that released them to serve. As You have blessed this nation as the land of the free and the home of the brave, we extend this blessing to every branch of our military, and ask that your continued strength and power be with us in the days ahead.

Believing that You are willing and able to hear and answer, we ask in Jesus Name, Amen.

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