This Weekend~September 12~Ignore

This weekend, after a slew of unsettling abruptions (abrupt interruptions) here is my focus.

Perhaps it rings true for you too?

Ignore Negativity. Domestic Serenity explains that the active definition of the word Ignore is to Intentionally Disregard. Turn instead toward Grace. Soak in it.

Deep Breath. So true. This weekend, may you Intentionally Disregard all that negatively clamors to you and on you. (Wanna know a secret? They only get louder when you are doing work that matters.) Here is a good place to begin.

Ignore Negativity

This weekend, perhaps it rings true for you too? Ignore Negativity. Ignore The Spectator, The Complainer and The Hater. Focus on Grace, the Grace that can’t be ignored. This weekend, Ignore Negativity. Ease your mind into Grace.


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