Mid-Week Question of the Week~December 20

What would you like to be surprised by in 2013?

what would you like to be surprised by

This question caught my attention this morning.. It was in this blog post titled “The Return of Sentiment” by . Since I favor a visual style of learning, I made the little visual above. The process also gave me time to think about how I would respond.

I learn so much from you…how would you respond? What would you like to be surprised by in 2013?


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Midweek Question~Numbers

What is your favorite number?

Is it 13? seventy times seven? 686?

The speaker at church said that Love is mentioned over 686 times in the Bible, beginning in the Old Testament and covering over all until the end of the New Testament. Jesus’ love covers our sins. Love covers us like a roof with plenty of overhang.

That’s what love is — a roof.

“Love bears all things — stego in the Greek of 1 Corinthians 13 — literally a thatch roof, a roof taking the rain and the wind and all that comes beating. Love’s a roof that absorbs all that would damage.” ~Ann Voskamp

Love is a roof that absorbs the storms.

Love bears all things – like a roof bears the wind and the rain. Love willingly carries one another’s burdenslike a roof bears the burden of the snow and the beating sun. Love bends and enfolds itself around another like a roof. This is love.  ~Ann Voskamp

It took 284 roofing shingles to cover my house and protect it from the outside. The contractor bought extra. “For goofs,” he said. They are in the garage now, waiting for goofs, I suppose.

It takes 365 days to cover a year.

And love’s roof has 686 reminders…

Would we be that reminder for someone today?

Mid-Week Question: Is Spirituality a 7th sense?

Dear God 5 Senses

A Mid-Week Question to Consider:

Is spirituality a 7th sense? Is gratitude an 8th sense?


Other Questions to Consider

A Mid-Week Question to Consider~November 16

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