This Weekend~Go on a Digital Detox~June 20

Go on a Digital Detox

“while we’re doing a digital detox we’re allowing our thoughts and conversations to get all the way to their conclusion” ~Frances Booth

What is a Digital Detox?

A digital detox is switching off all mobiles, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers for a certain length of time. Spend your screen-free time slowly reconnecting with your Grace and Bliss. Get outside–that is where the ultimate cognitive benefit awaits, according to this study from the University of Michigan. A digital detox is also a chance to recharge and rest, writes Booth in this post.

Although  recommends a minimum of 24 hours, any amount of time is a good place to start. Start small and unplugged for a little bit of scheduled time and then build on that success to longer amounts of time unplugged and un-digitized.


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Do Less. Strive Less. Achieve Rest

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Sometimes I need permission…do you?
Sometimes I need ammo to quiet the inner critic’s voice of disapproval.
Someone important to me reminded me that I do not need to internalize the voice of “do more, strive more, achieve more.”
Instead, repeat to myself that the decisions I am making now are to take care of myself.
Do Less. Strive Less. And, Because of Grace Achieve Rest.

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