Midweek Question: What is your Focus?

For the last several months, I’ve focused on being attentive and grateful. My focus word was “Savor.” I wanted to Savor my blessings, my silent, quiet moments, my new courses, textbooks, colleagues, learning partners, professors, parents, and even the mistakes I had made in my life, because these led me to the point of Savor.

What is your focus?

It is time for me to refocus my focus. With the extended hospitalization of my mom I have had to get up-to-speed on medical terms, new faces, new professionals, new opinions, new treatment vocabulary, new healthcare guidelines, and so much more.

My New Focus Word is Gather.

I have begun to Gather my energy. Gather my supplies. Most importantly, I Gather my faith.

God is bigger than any diagnosed medical challenge. But if I am holding tightly to my perceptions, my watchdog advocacy, my intention to “be on it,” then where can He squeeze in? I learned this from my new prayer warrior friend, Rachel, who I met at the new Rehab hospital for mom. Rachel also quietly brings dinner to me now. Dinner is a great concept.

The Learning Curve for me is steep. But over the weekend I spent my first night back at home since January 20. I am in Gather mode. I’m gathering my team. My team includes the doctors, nurses, aides, companions, PT/OT/ST professionals, the insurance reps, the government workers at Medicare, my friends, and most importantly, my prayer warriors.

What is your Gather Mode? What are you Gathering?

Might you also join my Gather team?



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This Weekend~unHurry~Can you Do It?

“Hurry rushes toward the destination and fails to enjoy the journey” ~Alan Fadling in his book An Unhurried Life*

A sudden winter ice storm caused me to do it today as the roads became slick with frozen reminders that we are not in charge.

Perhaps the early sunset will cause you to do it.

Perhaps a cold, or other wintertime illness with cause you to do it.

Or a traffic jam,a long line,

Or a brief encounter with beauty:


Whether or not it is intentional or unintentional, might you take time to take your time this weekend?

Might you unHurry?



There will be time to jump on the conveyor belt of busy…

But, perhaps, this weekend, especially today when many flags will fly at half-staff,

it is a good time to engage in the unHurry, in the uneventfully vital.

Sit and watch/Stand and see/kneel and pray/

unHurry for a respite.


I first learned about Fadling’s book from this post at Domestic Serenity

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This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~ Continue to Savor


Take a little time this weekend to Savor the landscape of your weekend.

Perhaps you will:

Look intently at a sunrise, cloud formation, sunset, or star-filled sky

Listen to the sounds of laughter, nature, conversation, or music around you

Feel the warmth of the blanket, the softness of a hand holding yours, the cushion of grass under your bare feet

Breathe in the aroma of food cooking, a candle burning, a cup of steaming chamomile tea

Taste the last bite of a good meal, the coolness of ice, a sweet treat that might be waved away

Thank Him for all of these blessings that arise from Him…
And the Lord smelled a savor of rest…Genesis 8:21*

What will you Savor this weekend?

After each act of creation in Genesis 1, “God saw that His new creation was beautiful and good.” When creation is nearly complete, God not only declares it “good” but is described as “savoring its beauty and appreciating its goodness” (Genesis 1:31) Ecclesiastes 7:19,


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*GNV translation
**the voice translation

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This Weekend~Easy Weekend Activity~November 8~Postpone


Perhaps it is that I/we spend so much time avoiding procrastination that the act of avoiding it, in itself becomes a spiraling kind of procrastination. Perhaps all the “to-do” and “to-don’t” lists are a form of distraction procrastination. And the non-attainment of my/our list completion ushers in guilt and frowns toward myself/ourselves.

Well, perhaps, for a short while this weekend, just give in to it. Make an intentional decision to postpone that decision, that chore, that assignment, that activity.

And…just…for a moment…savor

There will be plenty of time to re-enter the spinning wheel.


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Monday words for the Soul~Savor

Courtesy of the Brave Girls Club:

Dear Persevering Girl,

It might not look like it, it might not seem like it, but that BIG THING that you are working on that you ahve been workin on for SO LONG, that you have put our heart and soul and wishes as prayers into, it really is happening. It might be going slower than you want it to go, but it IS HAPPENING.

Be inside of THIS PART of the journey today. What will happen when you get there? To that place you are working to be?

Once you are there, you will look back and wish you would have savored each moment of getting there, because there’s so much fabulousness wrapped up inside of every step of difficult, long journeys. So many lessons, so many miracles, so many new and wonderful people that show up exactly when they are supposed to show up. So many tears and hard days. So much FEELING. You can’t REALLY feel the good stuff unless you know what the bad stuff feel like. Good days feel SOOOOO beautiful after a string of really hard days, don’t they? You sure wouldn’t appreciate them as much had you not had that string of difficulty. Life is so cool that way.

Keep going. Don’t you DARE give up. You are closer than you know. Look around and see just how far you’ve come.

You are absolutely phenomenal. And THAT is the truth

You are SO LOVED.


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Monday Words for the Soul~June 10~uneventfully vital

Take comfort in the uneventful; it prepares you for what’s to come.

watersplashingruby sleeping

Just for today: shine and savor
Because of Grace, you were created by a King!


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